Thursday, September 16, 2010


by Jennifer Cowan
232 pages

    Earth Girl, while interesting, left me unsure.  When I first picked it up the inside liner intrigued me in that the main character, Sabine is on a going green personal journey but also because there was a statement about getting plastered with plum sauce from a McDonald's to go bag.   Hmmm.  In the U.S. we don't get plum sauce with Mickey D's.  Because it takes place in Toronto-perhaps they do or maybe that's what they call Ketchup.  This odd little fact stuck in my brain and for some reason this made me check the book out.

    It's written in very short snippets-good for teens but  felt a little like texting, to me. Sabine shares her thoughts by blogging and we read her rants and the comments, which is an interesting twist.   And unlike Hippie Chick this one gets a little preachy-even though I'm in her corner.  I think it is because she is so new to the whole eco-movement, everything is so like, "OMG, did you know people who make all that cheap stuff earn next to nothing a day..."  I'm not in this age-bracket but I think the book and the character, Sabine serve a very big alert teens of these little known facts that many should pay attention to-facts that paint a bigger picture of the world. That fact alone makes this book a should-read.  Maybe if it turned one teen toward a more eco-friendly existence it would be worth it.

    Synopsis:  Sabine, after getting pelted by before-mentioned plum sauce, has an aha-moment of what's important in the real world.  As she researches and discovers more about the environment, third-world markets, and green living she bores her two best friends, who are way more into purchasing cheap junk froom street vendors.  She does gain a hunky earthy boyfriend who appears to have all the right answers. Vray, the boyfriend, is an interesting character but seemed less than real.  The one character  I adored was Ruby-Sabine's co-op coworker, who has all kinds of good karma advice.  If I had to play a character in this made-for-tv-movie, I'd want to be Ruby.

Favorite Quote:

"I'm pretty sure Vray is for me," I sighed. "I think that's what's freaking me out."
"That's awesome.  I love that feeling." Ruby said, doing a little twirl in the aisle.  "Better than drugs.  Love's the elixir of life.  Wish we could bottle it and give it away to everyone in the world."
"So then I'm not overreacting?"
"I hate that expression,"  she answered emphatically. "You're not overreacting.  You're feeling what you're feeling and it's totally fine."   (135)

I love the twirl in the aisle as much as the good advice!  Go Ruby!
     Read EarthGirl by Jennifer Cowan if you are remotely interested in making the earth a better place-or if you have a teenager who needs a push in that direction.  The plum sauce thing still bugs me if you know anything about plum sauce and McDonald's, enlighten me.

Happy Reading, earthlings.
p.s. Library Reading Challenge
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Tales of Whimsy said...

Ooo I haven't heard of this one.

Sabine Solomon said...

Thanks so much for the review of my book.
The plum sauce comes with Chicken McNuggets! Or at least some chemical variation masquerading as plum sauce does.

And I'm so happy you like Ruby. I adore her open-mind and big heart.

Also, the blog is active and Sabine continues to share ideas about the environment and social justice.

Jennifer Cowan
Toronto, Canada, earth