Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buying Time

by Pamela Samuels Young
414 pages
Goldman House Publishing

     I'm always stunned when I read a well-written book by an author that I've never heard.  It's  not that I think I know every good writer but the book world does seem to buzz, buzz buzz about the already famous ones, like Piccoult, Kingsolver, Scottoline and the list goes on.  I am so happy to have discovered this author
This is Pamela Samuels Young's fourth novel and I plan to backtrack and read the others because I enjoyed her writing style so much.  Young is a successful lawyer herself and began her writing career to create characters of color with real experiences as smart and interesting attorneys-something she didn't find in other thrillers. She has definetely succeeded.
     Buying Time is a sexy, fun, fully-engaging mystery focused on the viatical insurance business. Viatical insurance is when a broker swoops in and buys your life insurance policy for half the amount, giving you quick cash for a medical procedure not covered by insurance or even a family vacation before you die. Terminally ill patients are generally the focus for this business. Young's characters are as interesting as the mystery, making the book spin rapidly along.  Many of her characters are unsavory but still likeable.  Waverly Sloan is the down-on-his-luck lawyer, about to be disbarred, who "stumbles" upon the viatical business.  He quickly  moves up in this shady business and is soon under investigation as his clients are dying unexpectedly.  Angela  Evans, an Assistant U.S. attorney, leads up the team of investigators looking into Waverly Sloan.  Lawrence Erickson is chairman of a top law firm with Roland Becker as his right hand man.  Erickson is being considered for attorney general by the president of the United States and Becker needs to make sure Erickson wins the nomination.  Erickson, unfortunately, has a few problematic issues to hide and he'll do just about anything to keep them secret.  Sloan, Evans and Erickson, alternate chapters and bring a slew of family and friends into this twisted tale, creating very interesting sub-plots including Angela and her love life! 

     Angela Evans is about to marry Judge Cornell L. Waters, III, even though she's  not really feeling it.  She meets Dre, a sexy, single father, at the gym and her heart and her eyes notice what is missing from her relationship with the steady and controlling Cornell. I loved Angela's character and hope she might be featured in upcoming titles.  Young does an amazing job of writing characters who, like us, make mistakes, say the wrong thing, and make bad choices.  Most of these characters I loved even despite their poor choices but a couple of them made decisions that simply could not be forgiven.  But you'll need to read it for yourself to discern whom I found dispicable and who had more redeeming qualities. 

I leave you with a good tantalizing teaser:

     At only 130 pounds, she was no physical match for her assailants.  They easily overpowered her, forcing her back into a prone position.  As one man sat on her upper legs, strapping her left arm to her side, the other man bent her right arm at the elbow and guided her hand up toward her forehead.
     During her deepest period of her grief, Veronika had longed to join her mother.  But now that she was face-to-face with the possibility of death, she fought valiently for life.  That changed, however, the second Veronika felt something cold and hard connect with her right temple.  She stiffened as one of the men grabbed her fingers and wrapped them around the butt of a gun.  (3)

    I'm all pumped up again just rereading the passage to type the quote.  This book hooked me from the very first chapter and I thank Tracee L. Gleichner, PR specialist from Pump Up Your Book for my copy.  Not only did I enjoy this mystery but I have a new author to search for!

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Barb said...

I immediately looked her up after you mentioned her the other day and was devastated that the library doesn't seem to have ANY of her books. Next stop: paperback swap!

Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like an interesting book! I'll have to find out if my library has anything by this author.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

This one is going on my TBR list...viatical insurance seems shady..

Also glad to find HT Cook Like Your Grandmother...according to this recipe I cooked my pumpkin seeds at least 15 minutes too long...we bought two more pumpkins though so I'll give it another try! :)

Marce said...

Great review, totally agree with you and I find everyone that has reviewed said I want to read more by her.