Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oberlin, Part Two

      We took a fascinating tour focused on Oberlin's history with the Underground Railroad.  Groovy Girl is sitting on a bench donated by author/poet Toni Morrison Society Bench by the Road Project.  The walking tour given by the Oberlin Historical Society was filled with good information and was made even more enjoyable by the beautiful summer-like weather.  We spent tons of time outside because it was so gorgeous but G. Girl and I did fit in some shopping while the boys went to a Yeoman vs. Allegheney Gators football game.  We had fun shoppiing for yarn, used and new books.  

One Room Ungraded School for Girls on Underground Railroad Tour

    Main St of Oberlin is a cool hot spot of chic boutiques, an old movie theatre and interesting eateries plus a large Ben Franklin with a used book store inside. Ben Franklin fun finds on one side and high shelves with so many used and new books on the other side was a little bit of shopping heaven for me and the girl.  She found a stuffed saddle horse and I found a used book to buy.  We had a great time browsing there as well as the Oberlin Book Store, the official college book seller, with an excellent children's section.  I heard author, Lynn Powell read from her new book, Framing Innocence; A Mother's Photographs, a Prosecutor's Zeal, and a Small Town's Response.   She was very interesting to listen to but we had to leave before I had a chance to buy it or have her sign it. 

Browsing at Oberlin Book Store

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