Friday, December 17, 2010

New Books!

Two days ago 10 boxes arrived from Titlewave-my big shipment for the year and it is a little like Christmas here.  I don't plan to put them out until we come back from holiday but my volunteer, Janice and I have had a blast going through them, reading and stamping and just holding them!! 

Just a short run down of the many titles I now have:

Picture Books

Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown
Disappearing Desmond by Anna Alter ( Abigail Spells is a favorite of mine!)
Thunder Boomer by Shutta Crum (Amazing illustrations by Carol Thompson)
The Enemy; a book about peace by Davide Cali
Guinea Pigs Add Up by Margaret Cuyler
The Travel Game by John Grandits
Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt by Leslie Kimmelman
1 Zany Zoo by Lori Degman (Cheerios New Author contest winner)
Tacky Christmas by Helen  Lester
Shadow by Suzy Lee
Thank You Bear by Greg Foley (winner of the handsome author award*wink*)

Chapter Books

The Magic Thief series by Sarah Prineas
The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz
The entire Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull (now I can finally finish reading the last two!)
Road to Tater Hill by Edith M. Hemingway
Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams
The Problem with the Puddles by Kate Feiffer
The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell
Neil Armstrong is my Uncle and other lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me by Nan Marino


The Red Hen by Emberley and Emberley
Do Bees Make Butter by Michael Dahl
Mirror, Mirror by Marilyn Singer
and three new cookbooks for all my little cooking patrons including this one.

I did get a lot of nonfiction but I get less excited about it but these are my top choices-  I know that's bad as a librarian but I am a fiction fan.

My top two questions now

1. How am I going to get them all home to read and share with Groovy Girl over break?
2. How can I get a holiday extention so I can finish reading all that I want to read over my break?

I am glad we are staying here for the holidays so I can do lots of reading!!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I so want Children Make Terrible Pets....saw a great review somewhere...LOL

Janssen said...

I LOVE the days when book orders come.

jkw said...

I read The Cow Who Loved Cookies with Emma yesterday before we left! REally a cute book. Hope you break and get to spend a LOT of time reading.


jkw said...

Oh, that would be I hope you ENJOY break and get to spend a LOT of time reading. LOL

NatalieSap said...

10 boxes! Whoa! That is certainly a lot of reading (and processing) to do. Thanks for sharing - will have to add some of those to my next order. Enjoy the break!

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Oh, great books - the children/students will be happy to see them.

I think SHADOW was listed on the NYT 10 best illustrated children's books this year ...

(I don't have CHILDREN MAKE TERRIBLE PETS, but I did download a free app from HBG, puts your kids pic in the cover image :) )