Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How can I go to bed when my to-do list isn't finished?

1. Call Barb
2. Call brother (text)
3. relook at library budget line items
4. Practicum student arrives today
5.Check out new magazines
6. blog

 This is a question I ask myself nearly everyday.  I hardly ever get my entire list done and then everything I didn't get done today gets automatically added to the beginning (or sometimes end) of tomorrow's list.  I feel this constant surge of never quite measuring up.  I have to have just one or two things on my list that are TOP PRIORITY-those I get done (on a good day) and the rest-ho hum.  But then what happens when late in the day  you realize that one of your low priority items really should have been a TOP.

Like today when it dawned on me that my Scholastic Book Fair begins next week and I have yet to get up any of the posters or ready the flyers for students to carry home.  Am I crazy?  How do I let these things slip through the cracks?  I knew the book fair was during conferences and I knew conferences were coming up but next week?? How is February ending so soon?  I did find a cool list making tool online while freaking about my own to-do list.  Check it out here:  http://tadalist.com/?ref=public

Want to view my to-do list for today (notice book fair publicity isn't even on the list!!":


I did get two baskets of laundry folded (not on the list), I did call Barb for her birthday and talked until my phone died (should have had "charge phone" on the list), and I did spend quality time with Groovy Girl while she did 3 homework projects.  Also I  poked my nose into one of my new magazines (Eating Well) while she was doing her homework.  I found about 10 recipes I wanted to make and several articles worthy of blog posts but I now go to bed without calling Julie and no yoga.  I did text my brother but that doesn't really count.  All I can hope for is a better finish tomorrow.  My plan is to focus and spend 5 minutes in the morning right when I get to school (or maybe at home as I eat my breakfast) and prioritize my list with my date book next to me.  I'll add that item to my list!
Are you a list maker?


jkw said...

Some will say don't be so hard on yourself, but while I would agree with that, I think 2 lists are important! One is a "2 do list" and one is a "finished" list! Gives a person perspective on how much a person does in each day. Thank God for teachers....

Tif Sweeney said...

I'm a total list maker and I have been so horrible at crossing things off of it lately! Things are about to change though!! My list will diminish . . . My list will diminish . . . My list will diminish . . . Keep repeating! :)