Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Update; fun library picks and the Oscars!!

Groovy Girl and I stopped at one of the two public libraries we are fortunate enough to have in our adjoining small towns.  She plunked herself down with a stack of interesting picture books while I ventured out to look around.  I am always on the search for chapter books to capture her attention.  She is a struggling reader and as of yet hasn't really finished a chapter book on her own.  One reading teacher told me I'm enabling her by always reading to her but I did this with our other children-the oldest one was already an accomplished reader by the time we met but she still loved listening to stories.  Teenage Boy didn't take off on reading until his 3rd and 4th grade years so I'm not worried but none-the-less ever the good librarian I seek a perfect reading fit that will send her to a quiet corner to read and marvel. 

We picked Orphan Train Children; Lucy's Wish by Joan Lowery Nixon, which I thought would appeal to her American Girl love of history and Amber Brown is Not a Crayon by Paula Danzinger, which is a 3rd grade character like herself and filled with fun. 

I brought home only two treasures from the new section: In the Garden with Dr. Carver by Susan Grigsby; a picture book,  and She Looks Just Like You; A Memoir of  (Nonbiological Lesbian) Motherhood.  Groovy Girl actually picked this last one out as we perused the new adult nonfiction.  I'm not a fan of nonfiction and maybe I was looking for cookbooks but G.G. pulled this one out and liked the mother/daughter on the front cover.  She was thrilled that I decided to check it out! 

Tonight we go off to an Oscar party at a friend's house.  We usually sit home and watch them with our score pads.  My husband is a bit obsessed with watching all the nominees.  Luckily we can get half of them from Netflix.   I hope that Winter's Bone, The King's Speech, The Kid's Are All Right, and Black Swan do well. I liked Inception, 127 Hours and The Social Network also-so many good ones this year.  

I can't decide if The Illustionist, How to Train Your Dragon or Toy Story 3 should win for best animated movie-I loved all three!   I don't understand why Julianne Moore wasn't nominated at all-I thought she should have been in best supporting actress category.  In will all be over within the next couple of hours and I know it is not the Most Important Thing right now but it serves a purpose, just like going to the movies or reading a book for that matter-to escape, for just a little bit.  

Happy Sunday.
and I'm off to the Oscars...

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