Friday, July 29, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and Pink Floyd

You know how when you are working on something intently but then you get distracted...

That happened to me yesterday while working on my last homework project.  I stopped and checked my
emails (this is not the distraction, I do this all the time) but an email from Any New Books? for YA/children's books and I clicked on it (first mistake) and scrolled down where Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly caught my eye and I clicked on it (second mistake) and it took me right to an Amazon page that told me to click (YES!) one more time to read the first chapter.  Of course, I hesitated for a second, okay, maybe half a second and then clicked to read (third mistake)! 

But then I was swept away.  I was able to read five chapters in and am hooked! 
Got to find the book so I can keep reading...
Need to know more about Andi.

Also I love it when a book takes me to music which it did by mentioning David Gilmour.  I had to stop and google him (distracted from a distraction!?) to see if he was real and yes, yes he is real and happens to be the guitarist for Pink Floyd (my husband would be a bit embarrased that I had to google this fact...) but the song is good maybe even great. I listened to it while I read the fifth chapter, which I must now, well you know, find because it wouldn't give me anymore chapters.  Just checked on-line and my local library says it's available-I'm in luck.  Never mind that I already have four books checked out-this is how distractions work.

I'm off to the library after I proofread my paper and electronically submit it!
Click here for the synopsis from GoodReads of Revolution, NOT my paper...

P.S. Groovy Girl just looked over at me as I was typing and said "Mommy, I thought you were supposed to be finishing your homework NOT a blog post...hmmm"
She even said  it a little snarky with emphasis~ and she raised her eyebrows at me!

Which led to a little discussion about distractions...
and the cycle continues.

What's distracting you today?


Golden Eagle said...

Revolution is a really good book; I had trouble putting it down! :)

A web project I'm working on is distracting me; this is the only time I have for blogging, so I can't let myself review the project. :P

Blaire said...

I love Revolution I think it took me two weeks to read over Christmas. Jennifer Donnelly always writes such great page turners I have not been able to book down of her yet. If you haven't read the tea rose trilogy of hers you should