Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer = teachers lounging by the pool, drinking margaritas...

Yeah, that never happens.  Well, maybe it does but not in my world.  That is the summer I dream of but what summer really is is a far cry from that scenario.  What summer really is is chauffering kids to camp, classes, and to playdates, inbetween pulling weeds, making bread, and hoping to get back to that major Spring Clean, you know, simple craziness.

I had a four-day class this week at my local university and it knocked my socks off and had me buying take-out pizza, which is highly unusual for our house.  The class, Children's Literature Workshop, clued me in to a TON of new books (I really thought I was in the know...) but sitting in class all day was hard.  In the middle of me taking this class my husband's Summer Art Camp began and Groovy Girl usually attends with a gaggle of girlfriends.  Same is true for this time except I had four days to arrange for rides back and forth and playdates for the afternoon.

That and the class homework has been overwhelming.  I should be doing homework right now.  What am I doing blogging when I have four assignments still do for class.

I have spent a bit of time by the pool w/out the margarita, I have cooked for friends, I did take an amazing vacation, I have read quite a few books including a bunch of YA, and I have juggled all things successfully!

I need to get my homework done though so I can write reviews about the last few books (Fire by KC) I've read and the magnificent movie I saw at midnight last night (when I probably should have been sleeping so I could have done my homework today!)

Ahhh, I love summer with all its twists and turns, the heat, the rain, the garden produce, the bright orange tiger lillies in my neighbor's yard-so much to love about this wonderful season.  I want it to last just long enough for me to catch up, catch my breath, and have this organic margarita!


Tina's Blog said...

Summer is just not long enough! How was the class? You will have to share some of the great new titles you heard about.

Unknown said...

I feel the same way :-) Sometimes I think I'm less relaxed and inclined to rest in the summer, because I know what's going on during the school year....there's some consistency.

My friends want to know why I seem to be less available since school's gotten out since I supposedly have "summers off". Hahaha ;)

I raise my non-existent margarita to you :-)