Friday, December 9, 2011

Beautiful Holidays

(Nephew with Groovy Girl)

I've recently been holiday bashing because I had to go buy new lights.  Our old wonderful blue lights that have circled our house for a mere four years started to fade to a pale yellow and then blah to nothing.  Went to Target to replace those lights and brought a name brand kinda light.  Name brand is the key word and I was disgusted as I was only buying one set of lights to cover a large-ish bush in our front yard. (we made a new plan to cover some of the greenery out front instead of the's cold here now, you know.)  Truthfully I didn't expect to cover the whole ding dang bush but I did think I would cover more than one fourth of it.  Seriously.  You buy a box of lights that shows an entire big bush covered and you expect certain things. Don't.

(Teenage Boy, College friend, Handsome Husband
walking over break)

Wow.  The light buying business totally sucked the Christmas spirit right out of me for a couple of days.  That was it though.  I'm done with the rant.  This is just my public service announcement, for you.  Don't go buy Christmas lights and expect them to cover what you want.  I  do  remember my parents with this huge long rope of multicolored lights for our large tree.  It does not exist anymore. They now measure what would be half or a fourth of a tree or a bush and give you that amount in the box so you are forced to buy two to four more boxes of lights to decorate said tree or bush.  Ugh.  I'm done.

(My sweet brother) 

To remind me of happier holiday moments I went back to my Thanksgiving photos.   Viola.  I feel better.
p.s. I had to wait a week to write this post so it would not be full of true holiday anger.  This is my tamed down version of today's greed and commercialism.  The photos = true bliss.

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