Saturday, December 17, 2011

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

We have a busy weekend.  My husband's play is up and this scene is one of my favorites.  So free and happy, celebrating the joy of Christmas.  Groovy Girl has been Woodstock in two of the four shows and we have family in town enjoying the play.

I did finish two books today; The History of Love by Nicole Krauss-what a beautiful story-I could have started all over again and Lucky Cap by Patrick Jennings, which has been Groovy Girl's story time book but her late nights with rehearsals have delayed our reading so this morning we cuddled in the big bed and finished the last 8 pages.  Love those mornings.  Then I got up and grocery shopped and cleaned house.  My book club meets here Monday night and we are skyping author Anne Ylvisaker, the author of Little Klein, Dear Papa and The Luck of the Buttons.  I'm very excited about this event...I just need to make it through this weekend's performances.

 Have a very love-filled weekend.

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Lisa said...

I LOVED The History of Love! I read it pre-blogging days, so no review.