Friday, February 3, 2012

28 Days of Things I Love; #3

I love milk and cookies! 

 It is my favorite dessert. I've even ordered it in a restaurant.  I prefer really good homemade chocolate chip cookies but others will suffice. I like to dunk into a mini-coffee mug instead of a glass because I don't need a lot of milk and the cookies fit better. The only brand of store bought cookies we buy are Matt's, which have the same ingredients on the package as what I use in the kitchen.  Just thinking about it makes me want to dunk a coupla' cookies!  

This dessert was a favorite of my dad's and I can still see him at the head of our kitchen table with some of my mom's cookies lined up ready for dunking.  His second favorite dessert was chocolate cake in a bowl of milk.  Yep. I love that also.  Just perfect.  Milk and cookies. Milk and chocolate cake.  Ahhh.

When I googled an image for this post Jana's blog, Milk and Cookies, came up repeatedly!  No wonder I love reading her sweet blog.

Here's hoping you have many cookies to dunk this month!

Thank you to my old friend Stanley for feeding my cookie dunkin' love all through our Denver days!

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Jana said...

You are so sweet! I love them to, the ultimate comfort food!