Tuesday, February 7, 2012

28 Days of Things I Love; #6

(Groovy Girl in a rare meditative moment)

     Ohhh.  Been busy.  Love my life; not always happy with the chaos that comes with our hectic life.
So today I say I love calm.  I need to embrace it and bring it forth more each day.  My day at school is class after class and when I have a lot of student-led projects happening I end up working through my lunch to get supplies sorted and ready.  After busy work days I am grateful to come home and peacefully make dinner, enjoying my time with children.

     This week though I've yet to make a real dinner at home. Amy's mac and cheese and some vegetables on a plate do not count for a family meal but that is what I left my children with as I pulled down the driveway headed to my daughter's school conference and then to an art class I'm taking.  Last night was similar as Groovy Girl had a make-up skating lesson and I helped at a school fundraiser right after.  Two activities each night is exhaustive to my mind and spirit.  How do you deal with your hectic schedules?

Breathe.  Peace.  Calm is what I love.

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Lisa said...

I don't know how it can be hectic when I don't work, but it is insane how busy I am. I dread when I have more than one kid needing to go places.