Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Magic

I absolutely love it when I am able to see the fruits of my labor come alive. It doesn't happen everyday and somedays it comes in such small doses that you have to look closely to see it. Today though the magic swirled up like fairy dust!

Two days ago the 5th grade girls in my book club-ten of them!- choose Ninth Ward for their next reading choice. I only
had 6 copies so I placed an emergency rush order through my wonderful Scholastic rep, Carmen. I expected the books to come on Monday so I was happily surprised to see them this afternoon in my mailbox. I plopped a sticky note on top of each book addressed personally to each young reader and then took all 10 books down and delivered them.

This is where the magic dust sprinkled down in a frenzy as I delivered the books the girls were gleefully dancing and prancing to get their copy much to the dismay of their classmates NOT privileged to be in the "reading club of cool". I loved hearing the giggles and watching smiling faces of girls just learning to fall in love with reading!

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Joy said...

Fun! And good choice. That book will generate some great discussion!

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