Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hanging in the City; NYC.

We've driven cross country to visit my in-laws for two weeks. For something completely different we took the bus from DC to New York today. It was College Boy's last vacation request before he leaves his home roost and heads to the great West. 

We walked a lot today; from Madison Square Gardens through Times Square and Broadway trekking all the way over to Central Park West (through the park) and to our hotel, The Milburn. 

 Tomorrow we will head to Greenwich Village for lunch at Lupa owned by Mario B., which will be our only sit down meal for the most part. We ate at a Pizzaria for dinner close to the hotel. We stopped at a grocery store to pick up bagels, cream cheese and fruit for breakfast in our room. The hotel is old but refurbished and has a lovely but tiny kitchenette in the corner.

It is exciting to be in the city. I was lucky enough to come several times while I was a teenager but my kids have never been. It was fun to watch College Boy melt right in with the crowds while Groovy Girl was left hanging with her mouth open for many sites including the huge billboards and lights in Times Square.  

Also it is Freezing here so the weather is pretty much the same as Iowa.

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