Tuesday, June 18, 2013

O what foodie fun!

We are now back in DC after three fun-filled days in New York.

{College Boy Relaxing at the Milburn}

Our Highlights:

The Millburn-fantastic, friendly staff especially if you get Adam on the phone. The suite we had was spacious and it was wonderful to have the kitchenette space. I could keep my water bottle cold and save the few leftovers we had. We'd go back if we wanted to be in that neighborhood again. I loved the romantic lounge, the breakfast, and the lending library. My husband picked a book for me from the shelf; Pete Hamill's Forever

{Groovy Girl w/ her Milk Bar Cereal Milk shake}

{Veggie Bun from Momofuko's}
Momofuku's flavors! I loved the veggie bun (David Chang's) with an egg cracked on top as much as the cereal-infused shake. We hit this spot kind of late last night (8:00-Friday) for us and we walked back to the hotel with food in the bag and shakes in our hand. Guess who finished their shake first?? If you think me; you are wrong. (Groovy Girl took that honor as she sucked it bone dry before her dinner)

{Doughnut bench}

Doughnut Plant; unfriendly staff but delicious doughnuts. I loved my vanilla bean and jam but the big hit was the carrot cake cake doughnut! The cinnamon was powerful and made for an aaaamazing flavor combo.

{Favorite "Big Nick's" Pizza}

College Boy loved all the easy places to get a slice of pizza and he sampled several "best pizza" spots around town.  We had several on the fly meals from local spots like the fish and chips we ordered at 8:00 for dinner while Groovy Girl had a bowl of chicken orzo soup.  It was greasy (the fish) but hit the spot.

Friday lunch we went to Lupa in Greenwich Village which College Boy had picked as the one BIG place he wanted to go.  He knew about Lupa because Action Bronson worked there as the chef.  I'd made a reservation and had talked to staff there before our visit but once we got there I felt much less excited.  I knew it was expensive so the prices weren't a shock but the staff and the ambiance did not provide a relaxing experience.  The pace was frenetic and the space was cramped but the kids loved their pasta dishes.  I had a lovely spinach salad with roasted fennel and spring peas.  I wouldn't need to go back though.  Once was good.

I loved walking through Greenwich Village and as we window shopped I know I spotted Jane Lynch walking through with a beautiful brown leather backpack on her back. We also completely loved Central Park, which was the highlight when I was a teen as well.  Groovy Girl and her dad rented one of the motorized sailboats at the pond.  We also spent a long time hanging by the Alice in Wonderland statue.  All in all it was a wonderful trip, too brief, but it was like giving the kids just a taste of the big city.


Heather said...

A carrot cake donut has my vote. oh yummy.

Janssen said...

I can't believe I've still never been to Doughnut Plant.