Friday, March 21, 2014

First day of Spring!

I went for a walk-about in my yard today to see if I could find any hints of Spring.  Today is Spring Equinox and deep in my soul I needed to see a little sign that it would come.  There are birds on the feeder flitting about, more than usual.  I've seen squirrels getting extra friendly with each other but no real signs of Spring out there to me.  I wanted to see sprouted green things as I marched around the yard in short sleeves, hopeful, but  I froze and didn't see one hint of sprouts.  It is still dang cold out there even though we are seeing the sun a bit more and for longer in the day.

I had to search elsewhere for Spring.  I read this Farmer's Almanac article about the Spring Equinox which made me just want to see the "rebirth of flora and fauna."  I discovered this adorable dress growing over at Macy's-it that made me think of Spring.

I unearthed these gorgeous tulip blossoms at Terrain that make me feel like Spring could be around some corner (not this corner but somewhere).  My grandmother loved tulips and I loved to see hers pop up.  I have bulbs planted and I can't wait to see them shoot up soon, with deep hope that the squirrels did NOT dig them up for winter snacking.  

I found these DIY projects that make me want to get down on my knees and dig in the dirt especially this fairy-looking bird house arrangement.  Groovy Girl will love to help with this.  

Isn't that pretty!  I'm going to gather the materials now so the first warm (really warm) day we can head out and put this together.  I already have one bird house that needs a new home as it got knocked down during a winter storm.  

What has you thinking Spring in your neck of the woods?

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