Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Spring Break here!

So I went to the library.  And found lots of picture books.  And found out that Iowa has a new picture book award category for preschoolers as a cool way to encourage reading before you get to school. What a novel idea, don'cha think!

We did not take a glamorous trip.  We are doing something far more exciting; taking out (gross carpet) and putting in (wood floor) into our family room.  This is a much needed DIY project for us as we can't live with the yuckiness of this carpet anymore.  Not one more day.  It's out the door now and we'll be on to step 2 pretty quick here.

In the meantime there are library books to talk about:

I love vacations by Anna Walker (2011);  Sweet little stuffed toy character takes us on a seaside vacation sharing all that is best about the sand, the surf, and a good friend.  Adorable illustrations and easy sentences on each page, making it a perfect book for young readers.

Theo's Mood by Maryann Cocca-Leffler (2013);  It is Mood Monday in Theo's class and he just cannot tell Miss Cady how he feels.  Several children give him suggestions and then Theo is able to put into words how he does feel about becoming a new big brother over the weekend!  Sweetly told and a perfect way to introduce mixed feelings about a new sibling.  Simple sentences and postcard-sized words inside show emotion words, making this perfect for young readers.

Matilda and Hans by Yokococo {Yoko Shima} (2012); Matilda and Hans are the exact opposite of each other and Hans is always getting into trouble.  Matilda saves the day though when Hans goes to far.  This is perfect book to reach for when your toddler is causing trouble; we all have little trouble-makers living inside us.  Bold illustrations and a very quick read.

David Macaulay, Toilet; How it works (2013);  Easy reader nonfiction gives the facts about how that porcelain bowl and our sewer system really works.  With a glossary at the end and great illustrations this book is a perfect way to introduce the toilet and David Macaulay's work to young kids.  I learned a few things about this essential tool but still no easy way to keep the dang thing uber-clean.

These were only the top of the pile and they were all perfect for about the same age range.  I don't have any of these at my school library (it is sooo hard to keep up!) and I will have to add them to my list for next year's order.

Happy Spring Break reading.

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