Sunday, February 14, 2016

29 days of book love

When you love books as much as I do you look for them in odd places. I was having a girl's day with my friend Mary Kay one day, a lovely afternoon of lunch and second hand/antique shops.  As we were browsing I happened upon a book by Elsa Beskow. I was in love.

First published in 1910 this is a beautiful picture book from a different era but many children would love it. Tiny forest people with mushroom caps on their heads. Elsa's story relays the fun the children have in their woodland home, playing with other animals, and going off to school to learn.  Following the little folk through food gathering in the fall, winter snow games, and fresh spring beginnings...the seasons are beautifully portrayed by Elsa Beskow, an artist and author from Sweden.

I have another Elsa Beskow book-Ollie's Ski Trip-that my friend Mary Kay found for me later.  It is as small as my palm and filled with beautiful illustrations and it is like a small chapter book with pages filled with words about Ollie waiting for winter so he can use his new pair of skis.  Old Man Winter eventually does show up but first Ollie gets to meet Jack Frost.
Charming books-ones I bring out when I need a moment of respite from the busy world around me.

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