Thursday, February 25, 2016

29 days of {bookish} love...

{James and his little sister with his research project}

No book talk today as I spent a good portion of my night at our school science fair. I saw many wonderful projects and a few that I would buy if they were available like a laundry sorter that also folds! I would be first in line for that invention.

Today I share a few of my favorite students with their projects:

{Amelia with her HFCS-free homemade ginger ale recipe}

[Varun with his sticky boots to prevent ice falls]

{India with her child-proof flip plug}

[Frances with her snow removal gates]

{Henry with his remote-controlled snow removal vehicle-every Iowa home needs one}

{And Lucas who investigated mold and bacteria on chip dip}

Such interesting projects.  

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