Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Prepping for an amazing (and mostly vegan) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm ready for the Macy's Parade and for relaxed cooking tomorrow. I did some pre-cooking tonight and I'm feeling peaceful about what needs to happen tomorrow. Everyone enjoy a happy holiday. It might be about enjoying family or enduring family but either way, find at least one blessing in your day.


Early appetizers: blue chips and our homemade salsa

Soup/Salad course: Wild Rice Soup and Big Green Salad
I found a local farmer who sells big bags of microgreens for a reasonable price and it was a 5-minute drive from my house. I'm pretty pumped about this revelation. Find them at Rainbow City Farm on insta.

Celebration Vegan Roast
Just Bare Roasted Chicken (I couldn't find a local one)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Beans with pomegranate seeds
Healthy Corn "Casserole"
Mashed Potatoes with vegan mushroom gravy
cranberry - orange raw relish
Jicama/Avocado/Mango salad (from my Friendsgiving recipe book)
Homemade pretzels for our bread (Groovy Girl's recipe)

Everything but that roasted chicken is vegan. My theme is comfort food with a Native American flare.  I'm learning and working to experiment with a variety of recipes. Heather and Tristan are bringing the pies.  And I found good almond milk whipped cream for the tops!

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