Monday, January 19, 2009

Story Time

On the eve of this historic inauguration (which in our household we are so, so excited about) J randomly chose from the library on Saturday and from our library bag for tonight's read-aloud The Librarian of Basra; A true story from Iraq by Jeanette Winter. I had read it before when it first came out but reading it tonight it had so much more significance as J reacted to the illustrations of war and made comments like "she must love books more than anything!!" With the inauguration on my mind it clicked with this book in a new way. I am so happy we will have a new President, one who looks at things from a much wider perspective than we have had before.
For me, we have crossed into the promised land with the Obama family moving into the White House. Iraq is no longer on the front page much but as a peaceful family we talk about it frequently and it is important children see life in Iraq included libraries, books, restaurants, and family life just like we have here. No, life there is not like it is here but the Iraqi people had their own lives, important to them. Hopefully, we have a new era of respecting other's lives here, there and everywhere with President Barack Obama!!! I really wish I had the money to fly there in person as he gets sworn in-it would be Amazing to be there-but I will be happy here celebrating with my family.

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