Thursday, April 2, 2009

Double O book club

Shelf Awareness link is now working:)
Also President Obama, an avid reader, is launching a book club with Oprah Winfrey. Called the Double O Book Club, the joint venture will feature titles from "distressed" publishers and be tweeted from the White House.--John Mutter

Just read this great little paragraph from Shelf Awareness. Can't wait to see their selections. I never really participated in Oprah's book club but adding my favorite president to the mix will make me read and write about it!!

J and I read a not-very-exciting book last night at bedtime, new from our public library; The Great Doughnut parade by Rebecca Bond. Here is the excerpt from the publisher:
"Just where is small Billy going? Why does he have a doughnut tied to his belt? Does he know he is being followed by, first, a hen (with a cluck, cluck, cluck), then a cat (all quiet and slinky), and, farther down Main Street, a band . . . and firemen? Then sign painters . . . brick layers . . . even cloud catchers! Author/illustrator Rebecca Bond reveals the truly marvelous things that can happen when a doughnut is tied up with string.

okay...I have to admit I have never once been curious about what might happen when a doughnut is tied to a string, especially tied to a belt loop...I did poll my family (we mostly all thought the doughnut would fall apart) and made my husband read the book to see if I was perchance missing something. He agreed with me; the book lacks imagination, a good rhyme scheme and as J put it "who would want to eat a doughnut after it has been bouncing back behind you?" Oops, now I've spoiled the ending for you. I've not read any of her other books and the illustrations by her were alright. I have to admit I was drawn in by just the word doughnut...sadly, just fluff.


Mary Lee said...

What a great idea -- a Double O Book Club! Your Shelf Awareness link isn't working right now, but I'll come back later when it is to read more about this!

Peaceful Reader said...

Thanks for letting me know, Mary Lee!
I was trying to hook it to the exact newsletter about Obama-Oprah book club but it won't let me do that for some reason. Now it goes to Shelf Awareness website.