Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Read

After dance class tonight J. and I went around the corner to the public library and found the children's librarian putting out brand-new books!! We were so excited we picked a tonight we read:
They left both of us smiling...
Sally is a duck and she mail orders a pair of incredible purple socks-the socks, which grow, are really quite versatile! The illustrations are simple allowing the socks to really shine.
Loudmouth George is a typical Carlson character, who's been given chores for the summer (great way to understand helping out around the house-might have to read it to my 14-year-old). George, of course, is busy enjoying the beginning of his summer with games, swimming, and building. His wise mother won't let him go to the movies with Harriet until the chores are finished and he earns his allowance. The lesson is in how the chores are accomplished and we thought poor George learned his lesson for the summer!
Benny and his baby brother, cute pigs, head outdoors to play as the mom reminds them to not go to the mudhole. I asked J. for a little prediction here and naturally she answered uh, oh...they are heading to the mudhole. Oink, Oink (yes, yes) and while the pigs play with a few other cuddly creatures, they get muddy. Uh, oh! Luckily, Mother Nature saves them on the way home. I really liked the illustrations in this one, especially the little brother dressed in his diaper, Tibetan ski hat, pacifier as round as his nose and his what-looks-like an ugly monster doll with 3 large buttons. I also spied the three little pigs by the mudhole-naturally they would be where the mud is! Check out these other blog words on these titles!
Maya Reads
Now for myself I have to finish Red Glass by Laura Resau tonight so I can begin The Hunger Games and my brand-new ARC of Al Capone shines my shoes sent to me by Gennifer Choldenko!!! Thank you Gennifer!!

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Janssen said...

I loved Sally's purple socks. So amusing.