Friday, December 25, 2009

Splendor on Christmas

Splendor; The Luxe #4
Anna Godbersen
Alloy Entertainment, 2010

I'm overjoyed to have read this lovely tale and yet sad, sad, sad to have completed it!  I tried  hard to finish reading it last night while I was waiting for Santa but my eyes grew way too weary and I had to close the book. After we finished unwrapping all of our wonderful gifts I finished reading while everyone else was playing new PS3 games and I was drinking my traditional Christmas Bloody Mary.
The book, written by Anna Godbersen and the drink, concocted by my husband=both delicious!

(Subtle spoilers Beware)
Godbersen's conclusion to the Luxe series brings resolution in some way to each and every character-some good, some bad.  Elizabeth is happily setting up her new house purchased for her by her husband, Mr. Cairns and dealing with her pregnancy. She  makes some startling discoveries about her husband and I cheered her as she connected the dots!  Her sister, Diana, is tripping around Cuba, working and searching for Henry Schoonmaker.  Henry is in Cuba not seeing the war as he planned but helping his Colonel with sailboat racing.  He feels like a failure until he finds Diana again.  Penelope Schoonmaker, Elizabeth's diabolical "best friend" and Henry's wife has found something to keep her occupied while Henry is off "battling" the enemy.  A prince has come to town and Penelope sets her sights on wearing this particular crown, even with her husband heading back to town.  Carolina Broad, maid turned heiress, learns some valuable lessons as well and her story, while interesting does not turn out how she expects it at all.

My thoughts:  I really loved this series and am sad to have finished reading it.  I liked the closure this final book brought to these characters I love.  While not a Hollywood ending the book does a great job of showing us in what direction each character will head and each character proves to be a survivor in one way or another. I am excited to see what other topics or time periods Anna Godbersen will take on. This series is so well-thought out, the plot intertwining us with such great details from this glittering era.
Highly Recommend-YA fiction
4/5 peaceful stars 

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