Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snowmen

A Really Good Snowman
Daniel J. Mahoney

This is a sweetly told story from the polka-dotted snow ball endpapers to the story inside. Jack is busy building a paper airplane when he hears his little sister, Nancy clomping toward his room and Jack is not excited.He hides his paper airplane behind his back, away from her eyes.  The next pages show why Jack isn't enthused to have Nancy's help with his plane. She's messed up other projects of his but luckily, Jack remembers he needs to help his friends at the Shady Woods Snowman Contest. He distracts her by taking her with to the park.
When Jack's friends, Angie and Melden remind him the rules say only three to a team, Nancy gets pushed to build her own snowman. Everyone's having fun building their snowmen until Jack hears some older boys teasing Nancy. Jack comes to her rescue and then decides to help her instead of his friends.
Peaceful Girl and I read this moments ago for a bedtime story. Even though the characters are bears, foxes, rabbits and mice she could fully relate to Nancy's heartbreak over her brother's quick abandonment and her glory when he returns to assist her.
I've tried to explain this often to my teen-age son, the hero worship little sisters place on big brothers and he doesn't take it to heart as much as I hope. My peaceful girl said this was definetely a two-thumbs-up story and she had some interesting thoughts on the brother/sister relationship. Hits on issues of teasing, bullying, family relationships and winning.  Daniel J. Mahoney's website-click here.  After exploring his website I realize I have none of his titles on hand in my school library-I need to change that after reading this one.
Highly Recommended-Elementary
5/5 peaceful stars

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Jenners said...

I could totally see my Little One picking this up at the library! The illustrations are so vivid and inviting.