Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Sharing

     Before I left work today I took a quick glance at my gmail acct. and flipped through several blog related emails and discovered one from an author.  Aileen Leijten has two books I adore (The Hugging Hour and Bella and Bean) and I've posted about and she left me a message telling me thank you.  I typed her a quick note back and then took a gander at her website to see if anything new was coming up.  This is the third time I've gone to an author's website only to see my words there, bragging about their books.  This time Aileen has my website squared with the words "Peaceful Reader -Hugging Hour Blog  Review."  How can you not love it when an author loves what you say about their creations!!  I'm beaming over here!
Please take a moment to visit her site and see my name in "lights" and while your there wander around a little, explore her whimsical illustrations and her Etsy Shop.  These books deserve spots in your library or your home!!

Have a very peaceful day~

Still to come this week from me:

*review of Little Bee by Chris Cleave
*review of Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
*a giveaway of She's So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott

Stay tuned!! 
I'm off to a high school band concert:)


Jenners said...

How amazingly cool and wonderful!! Isn't book blogging amazing!?!

Melissa said...

What a compliment! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that lovely? I know that the first time an author commented on my review of a book, I was starstruck. Wow! Little 'ole me. LOL Pat yourself on the back!

Tif Sweeney said...

Congratulations!!! That is very cool!! How can you not miss the link to your review on her site?!?! That's the best compliment we can receive I think!! :)