Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Picture Books-You Choose.

Picture Book A
Moon Rabbit (2009)
This is a delightful tale of companionship featuring a young city bunny; "Little Rabbit liked living in the city.  She had her own place to stay, her favorite cafe, and so many things to see and do."  Sometimes the city gets to be too much and she heads out of town to the country (a nice quiet park) where she sits under a tree and relaxes.  She hears beautiful night music and goes in search of the source, brown rabbit  playing (it's always a musician causing trouble)  Ahh, it is simple retelling of country mouse/city mouse but so beautifully told and illustrated through printmaking by Natalie Russell.  The illusrations are striking with her use of unique colors and patterns.  I've looked through the book several times now after our initial read-aloud and the illustrations draw me into each page.  Esme writes about it here and has it on her best books of 2009 list.

Picture Book B
The Knitting of Elizabeth Amelia(2009)
This is a sweet story about the love a mother gives to her children.  "Elizabeth Amelia was made of wool.  Just where the wool came from no one knew. But her mother found it tucked into a trunk in the attic and took it out and knitted Elizabeth Amelia just the way she wanted her: with apricot-colored arms and sunlit hair and a sky-blue petticoat that she never had to take off."  Because Elizabeth Amelia is made of wool other students at school love to cuddle up to her as they sit in their school room benches-they find her differences appealing.  She grows up, meets a hansome dancing guy, marries him and begins a family of her own, using apricot scraps from her feet. Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, the mother keeps giving until she's lost a good bit of herself.  Oh, what we give with love to our children.  Written by Patricia Lee Gauch and illustrated by Barbara Lavellee, an Alaskan artist and illustrator (Mama, do you love me?) .

Peaceful Girl and I enjoyed reading both books but we did have a favorite.  Which one would you pick?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

do we really have to choose? They both sound so sweet, but I am partial to the first cover, so I'd pick that one :)

Jenners said...

Well, if I'm forced to chose, I'd go with "Moon Rabbit" because of the striking cover and because a mother making children out of her feet is a little weird! ; )

Tif Sweeney said...

Strictly based on the cover art, I would go with Moon Rabbit.

Pragmatic Mom said...

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