Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poetry in Motion


Send #1 son off to state XC meet;
He wouldn't eat breakfast.
Took 8-yr-old to skating lesson,
watch her twirl.

Head to Target, Hobby Lobby,
and Staples to
find things I need for school; 
Sticker shock at the inflated prices
at Staples.
A project board (it's cardboard, really!)was three times as
much as the very similar one at Hobby Lobby-both big box chains!?
Why, I say!? 
Does noone at Staples go comparison shopping??
Step Down off the I'm-not-crazy soap box.

Drive home, make pb, honey 
with a smidge of nutella
Road trip across the state to XC Meet.
a perfect mystery that had me on the edge of
my less-than-comfortable car seat.
Love husband who always drives.

Watch 7 varsity boys from small school take State!!
Woo!  Woo! Woo! (jumping up and down).
A perfect day to be wearing black and orange.
Drive back home, read more of Buying Time.

Make massive bowl of  popcorn for dinner.

Watch this week: Tuesday I review Buying Time and Pamela Samuels Young has a guest post here!  Right here at Peaceful Reader.  I am in the process of switching from a to just a .com but I'm having a few technical difficulties so I hope you can always find me.  Pamela Samuels Young's website.

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