Monday, December 20, 2010

Fanny would make a great gift!

Fanny and Annabelle
by Holly Hobbie

We loved Fanny after our friend, V introduced us to the book awhile back.  With all the hoopla on expensive and more-is-better, Fanny was like a breath of fresh air.  This next one makes us love Holly Hobbie even more as she makes Fanny a writer girl, willing to tell her own story.  The story unfolds:

Saturday was drizzly and dreary, so Fanny decided it was an excellent day to make her very own picture book. 

At the top of the first page she wrote Annabelle's Adventure.  Annabelle was Fanny's favorite doll.  Fanny had made her, after all.  She didn't know what the adventure was yet.  She only knew Annabelle was going to have one. 

"Here goes," she said.

     The illustrations are a mix of Holly Hobbie's and Fanny's as they discover an adventure just waiting around the corner from Ted's Deli and like most, very unexpected.  This has just enough moral dilemna without being too didactic~just a pinch of honesty thrown in to the mix as Fanny finds an envelope with money in it on the sidewalk and must debate just what to do with her find.  Fanny is a well-drawn and likeable character and her mother is filled with soft, good sense advice.   
      We enjoy Fancy Nancy's escapades but Fanny just seems more our style.  Thank you Holly Hobbie! Groovy Girl and I highly recommended both books for a young lady on your gift list at this special time of year.

This copy is from our very own public library.
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Peppermint Ph.D. said...

ordering this one now...sounds perfect for the independent 6 year old who lives in our house ;)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I hope your Christmas is perfect. Enjoy time with family and friends.