Tuesday, March 22, 2011

George Washington Carver was amazing!

In the Garden with Dr. Carver
Susan Grigsby with pictures by Nicole Tadgell

First impression comes from the delicately illustrated endpapers done in a field guide style; identifying plants and animals.  Historical fiction picture books are a great way to introduce important heroes to young children.  This one does just that as it relays Dr. Carver's idea of a movable agricultural school through the South.  Adults and children learn about healthy soil, crop rotation, the damage cotton does Southern soil and how to do more with the sweet potato and the peanut. 

I loved this book as it took me through an average day with Dr. Carver and his outdoor school.  Oh, I how I long for a similar experience in today's over processed world.  We could use much of Carver's knowledge today.  Through his talks he encourages one young girl who wants to grow up to be a plant doctor to "listen to the plants and they will tell you what they need." 

This would make an excellent resource for budding scientists, plant biology, biographies, black history, animals, gardening and backyard creatures.  I picked it up from my local library but plan to order it for school.  Carver was such an amazing person and we need his knowledge today.  His ideas came to mind yesterday when my husband read me something about the Pepsi Co creating a bottle made from plant sources.  George Washington Carver would be proud of this modern marvel.  If we could create more plastics from plants instead of petroleum we could lessen our dependency on oil in other ways even beyond driving fuel efficient cars.  5/5 amazing stars

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NatalieSap said...

I love your library finds! I'm embarassed to say that I don't spend a whole lot of time at my fantastic public library with collection development in mind. But I appreciate that you do, and you share. :) Will definitely look into this book - we can never have too many about GWC.