Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Update; Photos to Share

Author Marc Brown signing books
Marc Brown was the keynote speaker at the reading conference I attended on Friday.  He was interesting as a speaker and presented a slideshow, sharing his family, his writing inspirations and his beautiful farmhouse on Martha's Vineyard.  I'd say Arthur and friends has been good for him.  He just illustrated a new book by Judy Sierra called ZooZical-he read it to us.  I was able to snap a few photos of him while I waited in line but more importantly, when Groovy Girl heard him speak on Thursday a teacher friend snapped two photos of her talking to Mr. Brown-when I have those I will share.

Friday after the conference I had an Alpha Upsilon Alpha Initiation ceremony, which I helped plan.  Luckily it took place upstairs in the education building right after the conference. I had to give a welcoming speech and public speaking is not my forte! I was nervous but it went okay.   I was extremely happy to get home after this event.  So happy and cold that I plunked myself in a hot bubble bath after kissing both children. 

Simple night at home. Watched a movie with my husband and turned in for a relatively early night.  Ha...

You go to bed, ready for a good night's sleep only to be roused up by the sounds of crying and wretching from Groovy Girl's room.  Up and cleaning food chunks out of her hair in the shower while my husband cleaned the bed.  We threw away the sheets. It was that bad.  She threw up a second time after we had her set up in her empty older sister's room.  Luckily, I'd pulled her hair up into a "ballet bun" after her cleansing shower so she was easier to clean. Skin is an amazing human feature.  This time we set her up on the sofa in the family room with a bucket by the bed.  Time: 2:20.  No skating in the morning for her.  Poor Girl.


I made it to my yoga class, which was a study of the 5 Tibetan Rites.  I didn't think I was going to make it- I was so tired.   I was ready to quit after the first 30 minutes but stuck with it and enjoyed it.  I fought the urge to take a nap the rest of the day. Last night we went to a local high school play and I found it hard to arms are wicked sore from sun salutations.  Heavy arms still today as I type. 

I did get some of my house cleaned and finished The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls!  Loved it and want to read her other book.  I'm ready for book club now.  I just need to make some bread but that's another post!  Monday night we'll be gathered here at my house for another rousing book conversation, good food and a little wine! 

Palm Sunday and my kids looked great in church today, didn't they. There matching outfits were completely unplanned.  Groovy Girl looks healthy there but she is upstairs taking a nap as I finish this post. 

I hope everyone else has had a peaceful and happy weekend.
Watch this week for a giveaway of a signed copy of  Marc Brown's new book, Arthur Goes Green!

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Lisa said...

oy on the sleepless night. We're on a bad string here as well. hope she's feeling better now.