Friday, November 4, 2011

Lists and Life-Crossing off my to-do list

(Not an exact image of me)
I have a mental picture of myself, the librarian, juggling a variety of tasks every day.  I wish I could draw so I could make that image appear on paper-it must be so cool to make that happen.  I got so much accomplished at work in the last two days.  I love it when I can cross off all the way down the list-items that have been hanging over my head for a week, maybe two.

1. Mandatory Training-took all of it in one day-the day before the deadline!
2. Extra Pay form for Intensive After School teaching filled in and handed to principal
3. Three Little Pig versions to Pre-K
4. Next to Love review (seriously attempted to write it all week long...)-at home project
5. November lesson plans-fun ones-better to entertain me as well as students
6. Book Fair financials called in to Scholastic and money handed to Sandy, our school secretary
7. Book Fair new books cataloged, bar coded and out on the shelves for new week's classes

I know, whew!  It feels great even though I know my list come Monday will be long again but for this weekend I can focus on my house which needs a deep clean, go to lunch with a friend,  read and do some minor tweaking to lesson plans for next week.  Oh, and I must remember to skype with my brother tomorrow night-add that to the list.  See how easily it grows!

I finished the second of the Books of Elsewhere, Spellbound, and will write a review soon of both books.  I hope your weekend is peaceful whether you have a to-do list or not.  Peace.

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Lisa said...

Nice! I love crossing stuff off.