Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A 9-year-old's view of the farm

(You can see which part of the farm Groovy Girl, holding Henrietta, loves the most-this one I snapped)

My two children and I just spent the last day and a half at my mom's house in Northern Iowa.  We went to relax and spend time on the farm.  The basil was flowering and my mom had beckoned me to make a few batches of pesto as well.  Groovy Girl ran around today taking photos of her choice on my new phone.

(the pretty girls)

(the wind tunnel)

(Herb's Tub-my stepfather's humor)

Thanks Mom-we had a great time!  We did make two batches of pesto (now in my refrigerator), rested, ate two delicious meals, and played a great game of Spite and Malice.  Great photos, right?

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