Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where has the month gone?

Oh, yes, my blog...

Sometime during August I completely forgot for days that a blog is something I do, or did.  I love writing and getting responses and some weeks are busier than others but August-truly you slipped away from me.

My attention has been at school.  My school began with teacher work week days creeping up on me like a bad cold.  One minute your happily waking up late, making breakfast for everyone, and then sitting down and resting for like two hours with a book in your lap and then BANG-time to go back to work.

My attention has also been on getting Groovy Girl prepared for 5th grade.  Mostly that's me sulking for a few days on the fact that she is even old enough (how could it be!) to be in 5th grade.  Where did that time go?  She is sassy and smart and totally prepared for school days.  She has a new backpack from Target with a matching lunch box.  She has folders matched to notebooks in 5 different hues.  She has new colored pencils, markers, a big box of Kleenex and a medium sized scissors for her 5th grade fingers.  She has everything but a best friend ready for school.  I don't know why she has such trauma with friends she just does.  Mostly many of the other girls are already bossy tweenagers while she is insecure and small-ish.  She wants to play make-believe while other girls prance discussing training bra sizes or whatever and the others play kick ball.  One or the other no in-between.  She doesn't like kickball. Yikes.  It's been a rough couple of years for her in the friend arena but that's another story.

My attention has been on Teenage Boy who is going to grow out of his blog name soon.  He started at a local community college on Monday.  His high school began the process to close (big tears-me, not him) while he was a junior last year and he made the smart decision to graduate with the last seniors by taking two on-line courses.  He finished on the last day possible to graduate and began his first week at HCC with four classes.  Wow.  That's just about all the mother can say.  Wow.

My attention has been on working out more as I've added ten pounds to my smallish frame.  The summer of turning 50gave me an unusually shaped waistline and I'm not happy about it.  My kids still say I'm the
"skinniest mom they know" but I can feel this lump like a perpetual baby bulge.  I am trying to walk more and bring full time yoga back into my life.  For now I'm wearing multi-colored muu-muu's to school.

In other news:

My car was rifled through while I was volunteering at the Democratic office for two hours.  The important objects taken were a very nice water bottle, my black sunglasses, a bag of quarters (about $18), and our Garmin GPS!!  The strangest thing they took was a pair of Bob's  striped size 3 of Groovy Girl's that we had ordered and then needed to return because she discovered a small tear in the canvas. "They" got a brand new slightly ripped pair of shoes-tags still on them! I hate the idea of someone going through my stuff and I'm not happy with myself about forgetting to lock it but they are just objects  Lesson learned.

I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in like 3 days!  Review will be forthcoming but know that it was GREAT. My women's book group read James Joyce's Portrait of an Artist as a young man.  I couldn't get through it and don't know if I will ever go back. Joyce's stream of consciousnesses was not enjoyable.   It was my first free download to my Kindle Fire so there's that to celebrate!

Most of all I've been paying attention to my blessings.  This blog is one of them and I will bring myself back to it now.  It was nice taking a short breather but I could tell I missed it the last two days.

What's grabbed your attention this month?


Janssen said...

I am eagerly waiting for Gone Girl at the library!

And I'm so sorry about your car - ugh!

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Our library just got Gone Girl in ebook so it's going to be my first ebook borrow :) I've only seen one negative review of all the many many reviews I've skimmed (I don't like to completely read the review until I've read the book myself).

Nan said...

Such a nice, newsy letter, just like in older days. I loved reading it. The ups and downs of life. I ache for your girl. It isn't easy being young just now, and never was but I think it is harder with instant communications.

Belle Wong said...

My daughter was the same, except that instead of imagination games, all she wanted to do was film, film, film. She's now in film school, which is to be expected, I guess :) I've been hearing so much about Gone Girl - looking forward to reading your review!