Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where cooking conversations lead...

It happens so easy, a conversation about books and food leads to the inevitable discussion of cookbooks which is exactly what happened this morning when our school's lead, Mrs. Spratt, stopped in to pick up her saved book pile which included a cookbook.   We've discussed our mutual love of food and recipes before and she happened to mention that another cookbook at the book fair, The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman had been written about in Cooking Light magazine.   Interesting I said.

Now I'm spending all my free moments paging through it reading Ms. Workman's cooking stories.  I might have to purchase this one.  Naturally I started paging through it back to front and the dessert section had several recipes I would love to try this weekend like a caramel sauce or the  chocolate peanut butter squares.  Yes.  I can hear my kids now.

As we chatted more about food I explained about a recent baking fail I had with a cinnamon roll recipe that failed to rise.   She said I need to google Ree Drummond's cinnamon rolls.  She said they are easy to make and make a lot.  Just what I need.  Don't you just love that kind of gossip.  I'll be googling it later today.
What's got you and your coworkers chatting today?


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  2. I didn't have much luck with Ree's cinnamon rolls, but I've almost decided I've got some kind of block when it comes to dough recipes :( I'm thinking I need to just buy a bread maker and be done with trying to make the dough by hand.

  3. You can never have enough cinnamon roll recipes (and I still have to buy that cookbook that Beth F featured only recently)! I love chatting about food, you never know where it may lead :) Hopefully to interesting cookbooks or online recipes!


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