Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend cooking; O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

We went yesterday to get our tree and I wish I could say it was a glorious event but it wasn't. The kids argued for a bit, the selection was low from this summer's drought, and we were in a hurry so husband and Teenage Boy could get to the movie theater to see the new Brad Pitt movie (excellent they said).

Our Christmas tree search is an annual event we do with another family but they blew us off this year with some excuse about too much to do on Saturday.  We understand busy but Groovy Girl was steamed about this as she thought it was "boring" without their rambunctious young kids. She was left with just us and Teenage Boy who made her mad in the car but did get her laughing at the tree farm. What's she going to say when it's just me and her dad with her?  Even more boring, I'm sure. O families!

We did manage to laugh together.  We had glasses of cider inside the lodge while we waited for our tree to be shaken.  We did run into other friends and in general enjoyed shopping for our tree at the same place we've gone for the last four years.  After the movie my husband got the tree in the stand with NO cursing and we toasted the tree with some homemade hot chocolate to top off the day.

Did I cook this week though?  No really.

It was a strange (non) cooking week for me as I spent most of the week down with a cold.  Monday night I sent TB to get a pizza so I would not have to cook.  Tuesday I made a quick Ramen-type meal for them and went to bed. And the week continued like that.

Last week I'd whipped up a big pot of chicken noodle soup using the chicken from our Thanksgiving meal.  I sauteed onions, celery, carrots, and lots of garlic and added the broth from cooking down the chicken bones. Once the broth and the vegetables are together I added big fat eggless noodles.   I make it just like my grandmother made it before me.  I remember watching her fascinated as she picked the meat out of the small nooks of the chicken.  For years I used this same soup method but substituted the chicken for blocks of tofu.  I used Miso paste or vegetable stock and my kids still loved it, especially the thick noodles.  How I got sick after eating this soup all last week is a mystery to me.  Maybe though it is why my cold only lasted for four days!

This week I'm waiting for inspiration. I have sweet potatoes and a butternut squash waiting for me to get creative.  Any ideas?

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