Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Garden

Basil and Rosemary

These two beautiful plants are making my winter much more thrilling in the kitchen. Last night we had lasagna and it was fabulous just to clip a stem and add the fresh basil. I've used the rosemary several times over the holidays for my chicken recipes. At our local co-op I bought some delicious rosemary bread and we LOVED it! So I'm thinking I should be able to recreate that myself.

All our snow has disappeared which I hadn't really thought about until Candace from Beth Fish Reads tweeted photos of the fresh powder they received in PA overnight.  Here in Iowa we are snow-less and I am wishing for Spring.  I want to be digging in the soil and planting some seeds.  To be craving Spring so early is quite a downfall-it's only mid-January and winter in the Midwest can be most brutal through February and March.  Hopefully these two herb plants will help me through.  I'll have to pick a more modest goal to look forward to, like Valentine's Day!  Enjoy the snow or the sunshine where ever you are today!

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Marie said...

I brought my rosemary in for the winter, too! It's awesome to have fresh rosemary through the cold winter. I agree, it's great on chicken, but it's also really good on simple boiled/steamed potatoes.

Rosemary bread? Yum.