Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exhausting Mother's Day events

What a day we've had.  It began with my beautiful Groovy Girl sobbing because I woke up before her and she wanted to wake me up with breakfast in bed.  She did not read my blog post from yesterday (or ever) but I did get that menu exactly sans orange juice as there was none in the refrigerator.  She only made me breakfast once I convinced her that I would fall back to sleep, which I did {wink} until she left and then I read under the covers until I heard her creeping back up with the tray.

It was youth Sunday at church so both my children read and or sang and after church we headed to a rabbit show.  Yes, we have one little dwarf bunny but that is a post for another day.  We went just looking for ideas to build a bunny hutch for outside.

Driving home we decided to ride our bikes to a local restaurant for lunch which was so relaxing and enjoyable as we can watch the bike path traffic in a very green area. It was cool but sunny as we pedaled to and fro. We had a delicious lunch and I enjoyed a spicy Bloody Mary with my fish tacos.  Perfecto.

I seriously planned on taking a little nap once we made it back up our driveway but my front garden needed weeding and my husband needed help with the mower which wouldn't start.  So I slipped on my garden shoes and it was like they had wings.  For the next three hours we got a lot of yard work done.  We weeded the front garden which has been a project for the last two years after we pulled up three huge {ugly} evergreen bushes.  Everything I've planted in this front part is a perennial and are mostly flowering bushes or herbs.  Last year I transplanted a rhubarb plant from the back yard to the front and it looks great.

We then rolled our compost ball over to the far side of our rectangle garden plot and my husband dug down in three feet wide trenches so we could deposit compost under good top soil.  It was back-bending work as he piled the dirt back and I scooped and deposited the compost.  We got the entire garden turned and our compost ball is fairly empty.  Starting over fresh.

We took a small break from turning dirt to linseed oil the small free library my step-father made and gave me for Christmas.  It's been living on the floor of our living room since then and now is the time to get it outside.  My husband and son have a hole already dug for it and a post ready to go in the ground. Stay tuned for more of the project later.

We've had a small pool awaiting us for another backyard project and we just weren't tired out enough yet so we {all three of us} dug the hole for the plastic pool.  We still need a pump to make it lively but the first step of the project is complete.  Amazing how a little sunshine and fresh air will motivate us!

Enjoy the photos to prove all we accomplished.

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Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Wow!! Ya'll really did get a lot done!! I'm ready to get my hands in the dirt too! I'm off for the summer and plan to enjoy every second!