Monday, August 5, 2013

One White Dolphin by Gill Lewis (2012)

Groovy Girl and I just finished reading this one together.  We had a massive read-a-thon to finish it this morning as it is surprise, surprise...overdue!  It left us both thrilled, exhausted, and a little teary.


That Wood clan needs to be stopped.  Save the reef? What a joke.  What kind of family loves fish and dolphins more than community?  dredging the reef will mean fishermen can reel in more money.  That's what the town needs.
What the town gets, though, is an albino dolphin calf that washes ashore after being caught in some old nets.  It will take help from an unexpected new kid, a daring, helicopter rescue, and a pod of dolphins, but Kara Wood won't back down.  The calf must be saved and so must the reef.  (inside blurb)

There is a lot to take in in this 338 page novel which is what really makes it a slice of life.  Bullying by adults and kids alike, economic strife, death,  survival, and at the heart of it; how we are taking care of the earth for future generations play a part in One White Dolphins message.  All these varied topics were solidly weaved in to make a believable and interesting tale.  The chapters are relatively short which makes for an easier read-aloud which always leaves Groovy Girl begging for more each time I stop to tuck her in.  This year she begins 6th grade and my plan is to keep reading together before I tuck her in.  She's my last one until I have grandchildren which, truthfully, is quite a ways away!

A sample from One White Dolphin:

Moana slices through the water on a course set for Gull Rock.  We're running fast and smooth.  Mr. Anderson and I have to lean right out to balance her.  I run my hands in the bow waves that furl along Moana's sides. Her sails above us are curved and taut like birds' wings.  We're racing through the water. It feels as if we're flying almost.  

I look back again to see Dad and Felix , big grins stuck on both their faces.  That pang of jealousy hasn't gone away.  It's not because of Dad, this time.  It's because of Felix.  For someone who's never sailed before, he's good at sailing. (119)

Find Gill Lewis at her website.  She's a former veterinarian living in the United Kingdom who transforms her love of animals and the earth into really lovely stories.  

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