Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekend Cooking; Guests!

If you're having guests you need to plan a menu and that is one of my favorite chores.  My in-laws arrived on Thursday and are staying through Tuesday.  My husband directed a play in town, The Good Doctor by Neil Simon, and they've come to see it.

Making life easier for me my mom prepared lasagna at her house then brought it to my house and baked it so we could enjoy dinner before we all headed to the dress rehearsal of the show. We came back to the house after the play and had raspberry pie made by mother as well. I did make the fresh whipped cream for the top yet the truth is the women in my life really take care of me!  Last night we ate at our new local Ginger Thai restaurant making Friday night's meal easy on me again.  Whew. And the taste sensation that is Ginger Thai doubled the food joy.

This morning, though, we shopped at our downtown Farmer's Market-always beautiful, making preparations for a few meals we will cook together.  We found two fat pumpkins, a bunch of kale, an eggplant, and a big head of broccoli to use. Our next stop was Cup of Joe's, one of our favorite hangouts.  We had a warm drink and played a quick game of Candyland.

Tonight we are having a roast chicken adapted from this Ree Drummond recipe.  With the chicken I am serving this Israeli Couscous recipe I made this week.  It is marinating into a perfect dish and I love that I will just have to toss it and serve it!  My mother-in-law shared with me several new recipes that we are also going to try.  She loves to cook as much as I do!  One is a recipe for baked broccoli which looks simple yet delicious.

My mother-in-law makes amazing pies which prompted me to ask her if she would walk me through making a pie crust-I suck at making crusts but love pie.  We turned that crust into a ground cherry apple pie using this recipe from a Minnesota blogger.  Groovy Girl helped weave the lattice pie top.  My grandmother had a patch of ground cherries and was an expert pie baker.  I cannot wait to eat dinner tonight.  The house smells like pie and soon the farm-fresh chicken will be roasting away stuffed with lemon, rosemary and butter.  Hmmm.  

{Wee baker with perfect pie!}
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