Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby, It's cold outside; Picture books to snuggle with...

Cuddle in by the fire and read!

I have a few picture books I checked out from the library and they are lovely and perfect gift ideas!

Mo's Mustache (2013) by Ben Clanton

This is a very humorous look at copy cats and trendsetting-a fine line to be sure!  Mo appears with a mustache and all his crazy friends follow along which eventually makes Mo unhappy and feeling very un-special!  He puts his beauteous mustache away and sports a fantastic new scarf.  His friends copy him again.  This is perfect book for the little trendsetter in your family!

Glamorous Glasses (2012) by Barbara Johansen Newman

Bobbie and her cousin, Joanie do everything together so when it comes time for Joanie to get glasses Bobbie wants a pair to wear.  It's always greener on the other side of the fence as Joanie doesn't really want to get new glasses.  The two girls problem solve a solution that ends up mixing both of them up.  This would have been a perfect book for Groovy Girl in kindergarten when she struggled with finding anything glamorous about wearing glasses.

Year of the Jungle (2013) by Suzanne Collins

Suzy's father heads to Viet Nam and from a child's perspective we hear about how his absence affects the whole family through the year.  Full page illustrations show Suzy's imaginative idea of the jungle. This is short and perfect to use for parents who are deployed today as a way to explain their long absences and may help them to draw their own journals through writing and pictures.

The Littlest Evergreen (2011) by Henry Cole

Full circle for a tiny tree; from the tree's perspective we learn how this tiny shoot no taller than the glass blades transitions into a Christmas tree.  His roots are dug up and surrounded by burlap and purchased by a family.  In the springtime the tree is planted again in a big hole dug just for him.  This is especially relevant to our family this year as this is exactly what we did.  We plan to plant it where another evergreen died around the border of our yard.  Our kids are adjusting to the fact that it is not a full-sized tree this year but we are giving it back to the earth and that they can live with.

Happy Holidays.
I had plans to have many other fantastic Christmas posts done before this but it just hasn't happened.  I did have a great last few days of work handing out cookies and sharing books with students and now I will enjoy my family back together for the next week or so.  I hope the holiday is filled with many blessing for you and your family.

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