Friday, March 28, 2014


{Home Improvement Half Done}
Time is fleeting.  I just spent ten minutes catching up with what's happening on FaceBook.  I have the house to myself on a Friday night. Both husband and daughter are off acting in plays. Do I clean the house?  My house is a mess with a capital M!  We've been doing a home improvement project in our family area.  Over Spring Break we pulled up carpet, painted, and laid wood flooring down. It's almost done.  But not quite. So we've been living with all our furniture jammed into the dining and living room.  And wood floor planks stacked up until my husband gets it evened out.  It's an old house and certain areas have settled differently.  House cleaning on a Friday night does not sound all that appealing even though several rooms could desperately use my help.

I could sit and write.  I was doing so well over Spring Break blogging on a regular basis and I enjoyed that.  This week has been crazy busy at home and at work.  I've had a ton of lesson plan pieces to put together and it is time consuming.  I also had a nomination paper to write and an application to fill out for an ESL program I hope to be accepted into this year.  Crazy time. Add in that both husband and daughter are in plays (see previous paragraph).

I could go down to my little mini-yoga studio in our basement and do an hour's worth of bending and stretching the wicked kinks out.  That would feel good also.

What I'd really like to do is go take a warm bubble bath with a tall glass of wine and a good book.   Ahhh.  That is the way to end a busy work week.  It is so quiet in the house.  I'd like to come back downstairs and find that the maid has tidied up, dusted, and deep cleaned Groovy Girl's room!  Maybe Mrs. Patmore will have made me a snack as well.

How do you spend a quiet Friday night at home?

I've tried to do a little of all and that has made all the difference.  And with my extra time I'm off to take a that bath.

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