Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Blessings

{Egg decorating 2014 w/ Groovy Girl}

Once again I've inadvertently let a week traipse right by without a bit of writing. It's been a busy week and that excuse is ever present yet this week there was an added snafu.  My lithe little MacBook Air died or so it seemed.  It did some kind of strange fake death worthy of a Shakespearean play. I could get it to make the sound and the white apple would appear but then before you could say Macbeth the screen would go black.  Stupidly I kept trying it whilst pushing button combinations.  After 4 days of that nonsense I sent an emergency text to my friend and co-worker, Al, who embodies the word super techie.  Thank all the powers that be for people like Al, including Al, as he always been able to help me out.  MacBook Air is back up and running as of yesterday.  Don't ask me what he did as I prefer to think that he waved his magic wand three times right over my silver baby and viola!

Now let's talk food.  While everyone around me talks about their Easter ham we are bucking tradition, pretty normal here, and making a large Alaskan wild caught salmon.  Groovy Girl loves fish and she can pretty much finish off an entire plate of fish herself so I bought extra. Added to the fish we will have copious amounts of roasted brussels sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, a little green salad, and strawberries and chocolate for dessert.  Nothing on the menu that even needs a recipe other than what's already in my head. A deliciously simple meal to celebrate Easter, leaving me lots of time to relax with my family.

I was going to make this yummy carrot-ginger soup for dinner. A friend made this soup for our last book club and I've been waiting for this holiday to make it.  I thought the Easter bunny would dig it! Instead I mopped up water in our basement. I guess while I was carpooling for Groovy Girl's theatre rehearsal my husband, while doing some Spring yard work, inadvertently created a huge water leak in the basement.  I came home to huge puddles  lakes in the three rooms of our basement.  Not nearly as much fun as making soup.  We ate Jimmy John's after a trip to the hardware store to buy a wet-dry vac.  Last time we had water in the basement we borrowed a friend's and felt that this was an important purchase for us though we hate buying things.  I could put bunny ears on the wet vac as this present is better than any other Easter basket I could have surprised my husband with this holiday.

No matter how you celebrate have a lovely day ushering in Springtime. Feliz Pascua!

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Beth F said...

Ugh on the wet basement: been there, done that. Sigh. Definitely not fun before a holiday. I love your Easter meal! Good for you for going with what you want instead of what "they" say you should eat. :)

Cecelia said...

Happy Easter! Your simple feast sounds lovely - I'm sorry about the basement though! That's a drag. But yay?! For the wet/dry vac, I mean. :)

Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Your Easter meal sounds great and simply healthy and yikes for the Macbook dying a Shakespearean death..and a basement leak! Sounds like you've had a busy week with non-blogging life!

Found you at Weekend Cooking but hope you stop by my Small Victories Sunday linky and add up to 3 bookish, foodie or inspiring posts!

Laurie C said...

Oh, too bad about the basement mess! I love my little MacBook Air, too, and would be terribly distraught if anything went wrong with it like that! Hopefully, you'll never need the wet vac again, now that you have one of your own!

Tina said...

I haven't lived where i had a basement in years...but I am sorry about the mess you had. Forgot about basements!

Hope you had a good Easter otherwise.