Friday, June 27, 2014

My latest summer reads

They've been less than thrilling but I like having them off my to-read list.  I like making check marks on my lists be they real or imagined.  I've had three books on my reading pile and now they are finished.

Reached by Allie Condie (2012);  This is the third and final installment in the Matched trilogy.  The first one was interesting with an unusual look at a future ordered society.  The second one was about pushing the limits outside of said ordered society.  Reached was an insider's look at rebellion and how it felt a lot like trading in one list of rules for other nicer rules.  The Rising is what everyone's been waiting for to bring about major change but when it happens we quickly see that no matter who you follow or who is in charge there will be rules and problems.  I do enjoy the triangle between Cassia, Ky, and Xander.  I thought the most important lesson from Reached was follow your own pilot...

Ashfall by Mike Mullins (2011);  I heard a buzz about this book when it was first published.  I ordered it from Amazon and then let it sit on my pile.  I picked it up again when I knew we were headed to Yellowstone for a summer trip.  I had forgotten that part of the buzz I'd heard was that the setting is Iowa and specifically my town, Cedar Falls.  Even though the writing was aimed more at middle/high school I enjoyed Alex's adventure after the super Volcano erupts and leaves the Midwest covered in ash.  I plan to read the second in the series sometime soon.   I planned to take this copy to my nephew, Jasper, as he is a big reader and I think he would like the thrill and adventure of it.  I can't bring it to him now though as I've lost the book somewhere in my house.  Really.  I've cleaned several times now and it is just missing!  

If I have a wicked stepmother, Where's my prince? by Melissa Kantor (2005); I've had this book on my desk at Highland for a few years.  The cover is adorable and I love a good fairy tale.  This one is a light but good read with of course many comparisons to Cinderella.  Lucy Norton's mother died when she was little and her life has revolved around hanging out with her dad in San Francisco.  He remarries (Mara) and they move to the other side of the country (New York) her world is turned upside down and her father isn't there for her at all.  He stays for most of the week back in CA to finish up some big court case leaving Lucy to fend for herself at a new school with a new family.  The plot seems a bit farfetched but it works with the idea that magic is in the air and I'm happy that the conclusion pushes Lucy in a new direction. She also reasons with her father about his absence and it is positive to see her state her opinion to her father and Mara.  

And now we are off on our own summer adventure to Yellowstone.  Our summer art camp is done and we are ready to relax.  I've packed clothes, bug spray, and food boxes.  I have margarita and rhubarb cocktail ingredients and my cowboy boots (no I did not pay THAT price for them).  I hope to post photos along the way.  

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