Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015~bring on adventure


Starting 2015 off right for me. Yes, that is a Bloody Mary but before that appeared I did 53 minutes of power yoga from my new connection with GaiamTV.  I can stream it from my laptop or our PS3 for a variety of content.  I signed up to do a year challenge~yoga everyday.  They send me an email with my workout embedded and because I check my email first thing in the morning before I even touch my feet to the floor I will be reminded to get my sore legs up and onto my mat.  Right now I need that kind of motivation. 

Groovy Girl even joined me for part of my session this morning. Starting off with a bang!  (or a twist, forward fold, or three-legged dog).  All work-out and no play is not our way so we made chocolate chip pancakes after our yoga.  Playful. Balance. 

I juiced and had one small pancake. Just one.  Must leave room for the veggies in my Bloody Mary.

Now it's time to  really relax and drink the delicious Bloody Mary as we have a minimal to-do list for us. Watch some football, Groovy Girl has two games she wants to play (Gin and Mexican Train), I have two book reviews to write, and a Netflix movie to watch with my husband.  A full good day.

And my husband is making dinner~salmon with a side of black-eyed peas.  Health and prosperity in the new year.  2015.  Make it your best year ever.  


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Happy New Year!!

Belle Wong said...

Happy new year! I like how you're balancing your workout with fun things :) I need something like a daily yoga challenge, I think ...