Tuesday, February 9, 2016

29 days of book love...

Fanny by Holly Hobbie is a family favorite for Groovy Girl and I. We both nod knowingly at each other when we see the cover; very reminiscent of how much we appreciate the message in this book. Be true to yourself and it helps to be crafty!

Fanny wants a Connie doll (think Barbie/Ever After High doll) but her mom will NOT get one for her; she doesn't like how they look. ( Groovy Girl can totally relate to this part) Fanny's two friends both have Connie dolls and they make her feel bad. 

Eventually Fanny solves this for herself creatively by being crafty! The solution is amazing and it will make you love this story as much as we do!!  Girls rock~ from me and Groovy Girl 

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