Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekly Recipes 13

My husband celebrated his birthday last week and somewhere before that day I had read a blog post about really doing it up for your kids' birthdays. Balloons across their doorway, balloons in the cabinets, singing, cupcakes for breakfast.  It was a fun read and inspired to go the extra mile in celebrating his big day.

First a little background on my guy. He's the artistic director at our local community theatre. He is a talented and creative guy. He is also crazy busy.  He is in the middle of directing Cabaret; a big and serious show. His birthday fell during tech week.  You do not take a day off during tech week. He had rehearsal at 6:30 so we scheduled around it and had dinner plans with the kids for 4:45 approximately.

Because we weren't celebrating at home I had kinda thought I wouldn't make any dessert for him until I read the blog post.  After I called a local store to ask about a cake.  Usually I make everything from scratch but my cake idea was for cast and crew and I thought a big sheet cake was in order.  Until I checked the price.  Wwhhhaaaat!  Highway robbery for a stupid cake that has fake plastic-tasting frosting.

I made my own.  And he loved it. And the cast and crew demolished it. He's not a fake frosting kinda guy anyway.  He isn't even a chocolate cake kinda guy.  I made this Oatmeal-Raisin Snack Cake for him and it's a keeper.  I didn't even get a bite but he came home raving and rolling his eyes back about how wonderful the frosting was-this is a man who does not love sweet.  My heart sang.  From one of my favorite food bloggers...Brown-Eyed Baker.  Click her link or the recipe title above for the recipe.  The recipe was very easy but you do have to wade past all the new ads on her site.

We did have a lovely dinner together. We laughed. The kids had excellent gifts for him. I had a big bouquet of balloons for him.  And tickets to the Blue Ox Music Festival.  He did make it to rehearsal.

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kay&rich said...

Glad hubby had a great b-day! Bring that cake to book group next time. ��