Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wisdom through the years...

My dad's birthday today. Sorry he's not here with us.  He is a reminder to me all the time of how short life is. I miss him often-

Appreciate the people around you who help you, give you strength, buy you new tires when you really need them and you had a baby instead. My dad was a very understanding sort of guy. He gave my husband good advice before we were married: "Love her and take her where she wants to go..."  My husband does that mostly and he's a great driver while I read in the passenger seat. A win-win for me. 

(Boating-circa 1970's)

When Bush took office the first time I had a negative bumper sticker (something about the red party and their intelligence) on my station wagon and he reminded me not to lump a whole group of people together; that it wasn't fair.  I removed the bumper sticker and found one that was more peaceful and kind thus more thoughtful. He's right, of course, and I keep thinking about that pearl of wisdom but I'm still struggling with this post-election. I just won't add it to my bumper.  I'm already tired of the massive flag-waving that is happening right now in my own "River City". 

I'll try to keep my cool but I cannot say all will be fine. It won't be.
Today though I'll honor my dad and focus on two little spitfire nieces who were born on this exact day-two little dreamers who could easily run the country one day. I hope we don't have to wait that long but we need to keep raising them thoughtfully so they will be ready.  

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