Saturday, March 16, 2019

Too much to think about...

Last weekend I mentioned in my post that I really only thought about cooking and reading books. I have to amend this statement so you understand fully. I think about so MANY things it becomes overwhelming. It makes it easier to narrow it down to cooking and reading. Here is a smattering of other topics I think about...
World Peace

Kids in poverty globally - specifically the dear ones I know here

Donald Trump - just everything about him and his cronies/family

My family: I think about my kids a lot, not always a worry, sometimes just "I wonder how your day is..."

The environment and plastics in the ocean  - just did an amazing research project with Hansen kids on this topic and it is mind-blowing and disgusting how much trash and plastic particles are in the ocean.

My extended family and friend relationships

School, work, lesson plans, my overload of 1,000 + emails, right now my portfolio due soon

Climate Change - I worry about this on a daily basis, really.

Immigration esp. concerning kids, human trafficking, sweatshops

My two gorgeous yet problematic dogs

Awkward conversations

the LGBTQIA and how to make us all one community

My old house and all of it's needs (and wants)

Black/Brown lives matter and how to fix this in our society

and now The College Scandal

This list is a random order - I could be thinking about my school work and suddenly I'm thinking about human trafficking.  One big thing leads to another equally important big thing.

Life is overwhelming often, so yes, it is escapism to think of cooking delicious food for your family and friends, listening to beautiful music,  a simple glass of wine, reading a good book. If you can't let these big things go a bit then we are all going to hell in a great big overpriced Gucci purse. We need to focus on the good positive around us to, to help in whatever ways we can on a daily basis and yet be able to let it all go for our own well-being at the end of the day. I struggle with this and try to overcome it.