Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Love

Book Lung is hosting a fantastic giveaway with lots of fun ARC's and other book bling.  Go check it out, admire and enter! 
I don't really need any new books on my stacks but they all just look so interesting! 

And here's what's happening in my world:

My son is struggling with school work. It is very difficult to help your children through the rough spots other than just  love and patience.  I could run out of patience any day though...

My daughter, after watching The Little Princess, has decided to be our maid.  She is now upstairs cleaning her room-as the maid-not as herself.  She refuses to clean her room as herself except now somehow it is fun as a maid.  This is me, throwing my arms up in confusion. 

On Friday I have a reading conference to go to and I'm pretty excited as thee Marc Brown is the guest speaker.  My kids love, love, love the Arthur books.  No kidding.  The college teenager would have like to have been home for this event.  She would have stood in line to shake his hand.  Brown meets with several school groups at my son's school tomorrow so my husband and Groovy Girl are going so we will have lots of signed Arthur books.  Imagine when college student girl opens up a package from us and a Marc Brown book falls out.! 

Now I have to finish typing so I can read another hundred pages in The Glass Castle-my book club book, which needs to be finished by Sunday night.  I can't spend the weekend reading though because I have to CLEAN my house-which is close to a pig sty!

Oh, and I went to yoga tonight so I was feeling centered until Chemistry problems clashed with my son's brain:(

Hope your day is blissful~

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Jana said...

I love your sign off! You have a blissful day as well! Bliss is such a nice word.